Who would you rather be?


Who would you rather be? Mark Zuckerberg, Beyonce, RMD, Dangote, Folorunsho Alakija, Oprah, or just anyone else other than yourself? Well this book thinks otherwise – BE YOURSELF. As a firm believer in Christians knowing WHO they are in Christ, I was first drawn in by the title. Another opportunity to learn how to stand firm as a child of God, not just for the sake of being called a Christian – Tosan A.

BE YOURSELF: A 30 day guide to be yourself successfully| FEMI FASERU| MUSTARD SEED PUBLISHING|2009| 248 PAGES

The book is written in a daily devotional style loaded with the ultimate bundle of the word, declarations and some really passionate prayers. It is deeply personal for anyone who may be facing an identity crisis and wants a way out through spiritual guidance or someone who just wants to be their authentic self.

The author adopted the preacher style where he is speaking directly to you as his congregation complete with the intermittent jokes and sudden prayers or prophesies (where you literally say AOL ‘Amen’ out loud).

Why would you need to be yourself? You would if you have been living your life for others, where you have not lived your life to the fullest and where your opinion of who you are is skewed or just outright wrong. 

Three main bible texts are used to drive home the importance of being one’s true self; the story of the demonized man of Gadara, the story of Joseph and Paul’s journey to Rome. Sometimes we have to read between the lines of these stories we have heard so many times to really get the message being passed. I really admire the gift of preachers to dwell on a bible passage and break it into minuscule details which ordinarily would  have been neglected.


  • SEEING YOURSELF THROUGH GOD’S EYES: We are made in the image of God and since He is our manufacturer, we can only tell our true potential or worth through His own eyes. The manufacturer had a purpose in mind before creating his exhibit.

    Father, I believe in the extraordinary, I believe I am extraordinary. Father, open my eyes to see, embrace and manifest the extraordinary in ME in Jesus’ name. (Amen) -Tosan’s favorite prayer

  • THE COMPASS TO BEING YOURSELF: To the North, you need your owner’s manual – the Bible, to the South, you need to trust God completely, to the East, you need to have the right attitude and develop a godly character and to the West you need God’s grace.
  • THE ROAD TO THE TOP: On the journey of self-discovery, you need to be willing and ready to go all the way to the top. Even with God, the road is not hitch free so expect to back your prayers with work as faith without work is truly dead. In spite of all the challenges Paul faced, his sight was set on Rome and he got there. What is the essence of being in a race if we do not plan to win?

Tosan’s take: Be Yourself is a great reminder of our uniqueness and a necessary guide to help us align ourselves with God’s view of us. We live in a complex world and could really use the spiritual guidance. We need to stop comparing ourselves with everyone else and just trust God to complete the good work He started in us; so start the journey of self-fulfilment with the book – Be Yourself today.

What word helps you stay authentic? Mine is “I have the mind of Christ” what’s yours? Do share.

NB: BE YOURSELF is available at http://www.femifaseru.com or http://www.amazon.co.uk for the e-version.

10 thoughts on “Who would you rather be?

    1. Hello Kola, thanks for the comment. While I’m no expert at brains, I’ve heard too many times that we only use about 5% of our brains so I’m sure you are just fine. Being slow is better than not reading at all. I’m sure there are some books which you breeze through and others that drag. Read more of the breezers! Besides there are audio books too. Just keep at it. All the best.
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  1. Nice write up and summary. My God’s word that get me going and relate to this piece is “I know you even before you are formed in your mother’s womb’. God telling us thru prophet Jeremiah

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