What does Christmas mean to you?

I’m awake at 3am, Dec 25th 2016, because my son was thirsty, now I can’t go back to sleep, so here I am to drop a timely thought.

What does Christmas mean to you? This question is asked to guests at our Church’s Christmas carol every year. This year, I am asking myself the same question as part of the reflections that I usually have at this time of the year.

Christmas means three things to me. REST. HONOR. REFLECTIONS

Rest in every meaning of the word. Timeout. A break from work – Thank goodness for the holidays. Time for self, family and friends.


Honor: A special day reserved to honor my lover and best friend – Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter if He was born exactly on this day over 2,000 years ago, it’s just a day to remember, honor and appreciate Him for giving true meaning to the word – Love.



Reflections: Just like this post, I am reflecting on how the year went; things that went well, things that could be better and things that didn’t get a chance at all. The outcome is always Gratitude.


As the day unfolds, Enjoy every bit of it as you remember the reason for the season.


What does Christmas mean to you? Do share in your comments below. 


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Much love.

Tosan A 

2 thoughts on “What does Christmas mean to you?

  1. It’s a time for family, sharing and giving as well as reflections. Oh I love the holidays, church service is usually brief and sharp and my pastor always brings a new dimension to the love of Jesus.
    Merry Christmas everyone and have a fantastic celebration. Jesus loves you.

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  2. On point there ma’am… also same to me. Especially the ‘Honour’ yes he may not born on this day, but it’s a day to remember the big thing he did for us LOVE is what it’s called.

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