The book is written from a biblical perspective on how to improve one’s self using Biblical characters – Daniel and his three Hebrew friends who were known for their vast knowledge, skill and wisdom. Using the four (4) men as role models, the author explains their intentional investment in achieving greatness.

It was said that they were 10 times better than all the magicians and enchanters in the whole kingdom.

Inasmuch as an excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding, interpreting dreams, solving riddles and explaining enigmas were found in this Daniel … (Daniel5:12)

He posits nine keys to 100% improvement in a person’s life necessary to achieve greatness (only 5 are discussed in this volume, the rest can be found in the 2nd Vol of the book with the same title). The book however does not dwell on the four superstars but goes straight into the principles which will be further divided into 2 parts for the purpose of this review. Self-Help and the God-factor. All the principles are related and most recommendations are backed by scriptures and also our involvement, but for the sake of this review, I will use the two splits to explain them.

Self-help principles – The principles discussed here are mainly initiated by YOU. It includes clarifying your purpose, pursuing your vision, increasing your capacity to do and receive more.

All these involve putting in the effort, paying attention to yourself and asking God to help you understand your Life’s purpose. This involves the sensitivity and the deliberate search to find or clarify one’s purpose that starts the process of self improvement (See post on Creating your Life purpose statement). This involves knowing (finding out) why you were created and the purpose your maker had in mind when you were created.


The pursuit of vision was also extensively explained with the focus on the importance of writing your vision, aligning it with God’s word and running with it. The need to run with a vision was emphasized to prevent settling for a copy-cat life or mediocrity but instead to promote uniqueness among other things.


God help principles: The focus here is on the God factor as the name implies, there is only so much a man can do alone. Even Daniel and his friends had help from God because he favored them. This was the result of their righteousness and relationship with God. The principles discussed here links our every intention to our relationship with God – our maker, seeking out our purpose and walking with guidance. It emphasizes the importance of our relationship with God as a prerequisite for receiving heavenly support needed to reach higher heights. Finding, receiving and manifesting favor is also another related key to achieving a 100% life improvement which thankfully is available through righteousness.


Tosan’s take: I enjoyed some principles more than the others, the self-help principles as it helps to know that I am responsible in part for my turnaround, so I don’t leave everything to the spiritual realm. The pursuit of vision really got me pumped up. It was also good to know that a lot of conventional coaching and motivational suggestions to self/life improvement can actually be traced to the Bible; we just need to take action. I look forward to completing the remaining principles in Volume 2.

5 thoughts on “100% LIFE IMPROVEMENT

  1. Thanks for the review Tos, read the book a little while back. As you have said, a lot shouldn’t be left to just the spiritual realm. Remember, For it to be, It’s up to YOU!!! You are the architect of your life, It’s in YOUR hands.

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