Turn on the passion!

A short story.

Seyi was knackered when she got home and at 9.30pm when her head eventually hit the pillow, she felt like all the stress she was feeling had finally met its match – her bed. No more distractions except of course, the welcome tunes from lala dreamland.

It had been a hectic week and today- Saturday was no exception. She woke up by 6am to get breakfast ready before the full day started with the children’s school Christmas party, a brief stop at the office and the evening event which hubby was anchoring. All that was besides the flu she was having even in the hot weather. She admitted it was going to be a long day but she hoped she would get a break in between to catch a nap.

First, she had to drop Gbenga, her first son in time for his reheasals for his solo in the Christmas carol – part of the Chrstmas party things. Her younger son – Gboyega had to cut his hair in time for the event – Superwoman booting…


The food got ready just as she rushed out of the house after screaming the boys out of the house and down the stairs into the car. Hubby was still asleep as he only got in that morning from a prayer vigil so he wasn’t going to be of any help until noon and the way he had been singing of his personal plans for the weekend, he may not even be of any help at all. It was already 8:30am.

Two hours thirty minutes later, she got in with Gboyega looking fresh and sweet from his time at the barbers’. She heard some noise from the TV in the room and knew hubby was finally up. she served him quickly and went on to give Gboyega a bath. She had to hurry, she wanted to be in time for Gbenga’s presentation. She quickly dashed to the sitting room to look at the clock which she was working with, it was an hour to take off. The clock was already 10mins ahead.

She managed to get everyone out of the house after 90mins and speeding like the maniac she was feeling like, she made it to the school under 25mins. Gbenga’s class was already on stage and as she sat down they took a bow and was cheered off by the audience. At least she met the grace, she sighed tiredly. She sat down to watch some more presentations by other classes (more like catch that moment of stillness (yes stillness despite being in the middle of a party mode activated environment) she could watch others run around while she sat, at least for the next half an hour. To make sure her younger son had some supervised bouncy fun, she had to cut short her break to watch him play on the bouncy games scattered in the different areas at the venue. Time: 1:30pm

After 2 hours, she had had enough of Gboyega’s hyperactivity and the harsh sun, she was ready to go. She drove the kids to their cousin’s place which was only a few minutes away from the venue of the Christmas party. Oooooooohhhh! those documents she had to sign at the office! that just ruined every hope for the few minutes of rest she thought she could squeeze in before the evening event. Thank Goodness, she didn’t have to stay long. As she got in to her brother’s compound, she let the kids off and used sign language to communicate with her sister-in-law who had just come out to receive them, that she couldn’t stay.


Thank God, the road was free, either people were at their various owambes (parties) or they were just chilling in their homes. She got to the office in no time and signed the documents which one of her clients needed for his trip the next day. Time: 4:25pm

she began driving towards the venue for her husband’s presentation which was due in an hour. They were to meet at the venue since he called a cab to enable him meet his very precious other plans. Phil had been invited to anchor an event and she wanted to be there to support him especially because she believed he was born for that. She was in total support of his anchoring skills and wanted him to know that. She allowed her mind wander as she drove, thought of her husband as a superstar MC in the near future receiving an award, he better remember to acknowledge her when he gives his acceptance speech. she believed he was that good. 

She arrived at the venue by 4:45pm, Phil had not gotten there and she still had about 35 mins till the event. Finally, she could breathe… She reclined her seat and closed her eyes taking in some deep breaths. She wound down the car windows and turned off the engine of the car, leaving the radio on to keep her company. After 15 minutes, she felt a lot better, at least she last a few more hours now. She started to apply her make up when Phil showed up and they got in just in time for the start of the event.

In her own opinion, the event went well and by 8pm, they were heading to her brother’s place to pick up the kids and then home sweet home. She could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel now especially since Phil was driving now.

She was already dozing by the time, Phil parked, and only managed to make it to her bedroom before crashing into her pillow to mark the end of another superwoman-mode day. So you can imagine why she wasn’t expecting Phil her husband to make any move, more so that she had announced how tired she was to all who cared to listen, and she knew experience had taught Phil not to bother trying when she was that tired.

…but the way He ravished her left no room for any resistance as she was kinda surprised at both him and herself – Phil for the intensity of his caresses and the hungry kisses and herself for how little she resisted considering her fatigue.

dancing salsa

Before long, sleep had left her and she was on top pounding away. It turned out to be the best and only sex they had in the month as both had been too busy, and Phil had been too careful around her because of the flu… yet one thing Phil realized as he smiled to himself the next morning was that if he hadn’t aggressively expressed his hunger for Seyi, it would have been a no-show like previous experiences.

Story written by Tosan A.

Still wondering why you are not ahead in pursuing your desires and 2017 goals? Answer the question – how passionately are you pursuing what you want?

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3 thoughts on “Turn on the passion!

  1. I can’t get over the word “ravished”. My imagination took a hit as I tried to think of how awesome that sex scene most have been. Keep writing Tosan. Yes we will never find the right time outside “NOW’! Off to pursue my desires.

    Liked by 1 person

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