How a cluttered desk affects your mind



A lot of things fight for our emotional space, attention in our minds and thoughts. While some thoughts are welcome, others are draining. Just the thought of that person, undone task, disorganised desk, incomplete project or even just a promise not kept could literarily take a huge piece of our emotions and occupying lots of space in our minds making us stressed, unhappy or even guilty.

Ever wondered why your morale just drops or you suddenly feel unproductive when find yourself at work on a disorganized desk?

For me, the first thing I want to do is get it arranged before I can proceed to other things, I thought it was just the right thing to do until I found a better explanation for it in Jack Canfield’s book How to move from Point A to Point B. – It clears your head. This rephrased quote from Albert Einstein will make it clearer.

A cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind – rephrased.


Yes, sometimes it’s because we just don’t know what to do, other times it’s just same old procrastination, unforgiveness or just plain unproductive habits.

Jack Canfield recommends some ways to clean up our messes and tackle incompletes to prevent them from piling physically and emotional. They are;

  • Adopt the four Ds of completion
    1. Do it
    2. Delegate it
    3. Delay it (put a time frame to this so it doesn’t end up as an incomplete task)
    4. Dump it


  • Becoming aware of the need to complete tasks and achieve closure: This can be done by answering the question: What does it actually take to get this task completed?
    1. What would it take for me to organize my closet?
      1. Time: 4 hours
      2. New hanger rods
      3. A prize for completing it (I’d like that).
  • Make space for something new: So you want to be in a new relationship, let go of the hurts and disappointments from previous relationships.


  • Make a list of open projects you would like to complete or messes you would like to clean up.
    1. Pick out 4 that would immediately impact your physical or mental state
    2. Adopt a completion weekend where you spend the weekend on attacking some major incompletes on your list.
  • Attend to irritants.
    1. Fix, mend or replace daily irritants that annoy you and occupy chunks of emotional state.
    2. Fix that button
    3. Make that call
    4. Say NO to something you would rather not do.


  • Hire a professional: It takes them lesser time hence tasks are completed faster.


Do one thing TODAY that will help free up some space emotionally.


Tosan A.


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