Why I smiled…

As I look out the balcony at my domestic assistant as she leaves me for the holidays and of course for greener pastures (she won’t be returning), I smile.

She’s carrying 2 bags and a small nylon. One of the bags was the backpack she came to my house with a few months ago, the other was a very big (GMG) bag; all she had accumulated from my spring-cleaning my closet and from her stay with us. I ask the driver to help her with the big one as she couldn’t grapple the two of them. He was also surprised as he was also around on her 1st day on the job. Wow!

Apart the satisfaction of being a blessing to her, I smiled because she became a reflection of how much we pack or pick up on our journey in life either through jobs as in her case (whether we like them or not), relationships and others.

 We can pack all sorts of goodies – learn new things, change a habit, add on another, become a better decision maker, give more, I could go on… or pack up lots of baggage (negatives) – regrets, unforgiveness, holding on to hurt, anger, indiscipline, waste, keeping up with the Jones’, laziness…

Whether we are aware on not, we all carry a backpack or baggage from every experience and we are either better or worse for it, whether our pack is visible or not, it is still there – right there on our backs. 

As the year comes to an end, let’s reflect on what we are carrying into the new year and make sure to drop the excesses that could drag us down, make us slower and make things stagnant in 2018.

It is good to be back.


Tosan A.

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