It is no ordinary desire that survives disappointment, discouragement, temporary defeat, criticism and the constant accusation of being a ‘waste of time’. It is a burning desire, an obsession!

It’s funny how things seem tougher when you take a decision about something or decide to make a change. You decide to lose weight by eating healthier meals then you get offers for free meals of small chops, pizzas and ice cream not once or twice and you remember you don’t even have to pay! You decide to help a friend and you find out that helping out can also be really inconvenient. It’s funny how there’s always a hurdle to cross when you make a decision or take a stand.

This book will teach you how to close the gap between ideas and achievements, good intentions and their successful completion. It will guide you on how to keep your enthusiasm while crossing those hurdles that seem positioned just for you.



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If you are one of those who believe that hard work and honesty alone will bring riches, perish the thought! It is not true! Riches, when they come to huge quantities, are never the results of hard work! Riches come, if they come at all, in response to definite demands, based upon the application of definite principles, and not by chance or luck.

Think and Grow Rich as revised and expanded by Arthur R. Pell is a compilation of 13 steps to riches based on the study of 500 wealthy people over a period of 20 years by Napoleon Hill (original publication was 1937). This revised version includes the study of popular wealthy people in recent times but the written English is still mostly antiquated and you can tell it is an old book that just won’t die!

Filled with lots of stories about popular innovative minds like Edison, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Michael Jordan etc, it is loaded with interesting steps to being rich which cannot be cherry-picked as they all work together to achieve the goal of being super rich. Though it also suggests that these steps can be adapted in pursuing other goals; it focuses on the goal of being financially wealthy.

It has 16 chapters with 13 dedicated to each of the steps, 2 bonus points and an introduction. From the first step of having an intense desire to be rich to the last point of paying attention to one’s gut feeling or 6th sense as it is referred to, every step is worthy of note. Think and Grow rich helps you understand how the wealthy think and of course get you a step closer to being your wealthy self.

Thoughts are things, and powerful things at that.

The book dwells on the invisible or rather things that happen behind the scenes. It doesn’t dish out your regular grind or hustle to be rich but offers deeper things which are usually not seen from the surface but go a long way to help the one become really wealthy. The first of such is the power of thoughts. Understanding the true power of thoughts and the extent to which they can come alive when mixed with a definite purpose, persistence and a burning desire.

The Iceberg principle
A lot more happening beneath the surface.


Some of the recommended steps which stood out for me,

Auto-suggestion: I have always wondered how one develops faith. (I grew up learning that faith comes from hearing, hearing and hearing the word, but after so long I still never figured it included hearing me speak the word as well). Well I found the answer here. Auto-suggestion is the medium through which we speak to the subconscious. It listens to and works on our regular suggestions to self whether positive or negative till it results in its physical equivalent; it however has to be mixed with emotions to be truly effective. We speak audibly and with emotions for the vibration to reach the subconscious.

Imagination: This is the workshop of the rich. Your imagination is necessary to help you achieve your definite goal by creating ideas that could become the definite plan needed to meet those goals. We underestimate how much we can achieve by just imagining, creating scenarios and allowing them to play out in our minds.

Having a mastermind group/team: this involves creating a team of people with skills you need and a commitment to helping you reach your goals. This should be mutually beneficial to members of the team whether in cash, kind or exchange of knowledge.

light bulb

Persistence: The importance of this cannot be overemphasized as a lot of people have given up just three feet from Gold. How did Edison keep his enthusiasm after the 500th time, or the 5,000th time or the 9000th time before he was successful at inventing the light bulb? The author makes genuine suggestions that can help you keep trying till you succeed. Burn the bridges.

It was no ordinary desire that survived disappointment, discouragement, temporary defeat, criticism and the constant accusation of ‘waste of time’. It was a burning desire, an obsession!


Tosan’s take: This book is RICH! I’ve always been fascinated by the name – THINK & GROW RICH but I just thought it was just another great book title. My friend Faith had been posting snippets from the book every time she saw something she couldn’t keep to herself, Thanks for sharing Faith. There is only so much that this review can accommodate but this book is a great read. It is the how-to guide of maxims like, If you can think it, you can do it. It shows you how NOT to stop yourself from thinking big, not to stop at thinking big but thinking and taking steps to achieving big things. It teaches you how to birth great ideas, grow your confidence and truly be wealthy.

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