I am strong, God is Stronger.


DON’T LIMIT GOD: Imagine yourself Successful| Andrew Wommack| 2014| 118 pages

When a preacher of over 30 years gets a message from God, that despite his thriving ministry, he has been limiting God, he sits up to understand HOW? In his understanding of how he limited God, he is able to share through his book, ways by which we limit God and how we can stop it. I don’t need 30 years to know that I have been limiting God in certain areas of my life, so when I saw the title of the book, I was drawn to it wanting to know how to stop putting God in a box.

Just like the title, the book is simple & straight to the point. I read it in a day. Used the next day to revisit areas that spoke to me directly. It was so relatable like the author really was wearing my shoes. The book explains different ways we limit God unknowingly and sometimes intentionally. It can be as a result of believing things that do not align with God’s word, allowing the cares of the world choke the word of God in our life as we live to toil in our own strength, every one wanting to be independent, self-made causing us to burn out or limit our true worth in God.

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We can limit God when we are afraid to take risks, afraid of failing, or are afraid of change, we are afraid of starting over because our identity and security is in our work; hence we stick to what is safe; we stick with mediocrity and we are just OK surviving instead of living to our full potential.


We can also limit God when we afraid of men – afraid of what others will say or think about us, afraid of criticisms, afraid of oppression making us limit our thoughts and actions to a point where they can no longer accommodate God. There’s also the interesting one – fear, the fear of success. Whilst a lot of people strive to be successful, others are wary of success because they fear that it will get into their head. They fear things like pride taking over.

All these fears and things that limit God, shows our lack of complete trust in God making us insecure in Him as well.


Seeing the ways by which we limit God is the first step to breaking the ceiling. We now have to spend time meditating on the scriptures to find our security and our identity in Him.


Actively using our imagination positively is one of the ways by which we remove the limits off God. Imagination involves creating a picture of the promises God has made us in his word and living and re-living those pictures in our minds even before we see them in the physical. Having a vivid imagination especially when studying the word is key to developing the faith and perseverance needed to hold on to the belief that his promises about us will come true. It is what gives us the miracles we pray for, it helps us see and receive the miracles on the inside before we even experience it externally.

Tosan’s take: We trust God in some areas and trust ourselves in others, limiting God from expressing himself in those other areas. I was shocked to understand that God is limited by some of my thoughts & actions; i didn’t know i had such power. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we were successful all round rather than just some areas? I know it will be mind-blowing! Let’s imagine and meditate more on His word allowing Him to show us how to truly be successful.

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