It is the start of a new year and also the start of a new decade in a few days which you must have being constantly reminded of (except you live under a rock), from various quarters – vision board and goal setting enthusiasts, the media and even religious places of worship.

Everyone wants to show you how to plan for the New Year, how to set goals (make them even bigger and better to reflect the size of the decade), others genuinely do not want you to give up on your dreams by the 3rd week in January as most fitness goals meet their end. The places of worship want you to pray for 2020, like it’s the only year in the decade – but it’s all good. Everyone is just trying to help you do better.


I, on the other hand is more concerned about helping YOU be better. Get that? If you didn’t just read that slowly and catch the two.

BE and DO.

Who do I have to become to achieve my goals?

Who do YOU have to become to achieve your goals?

The question is focused on the person you need to become not on WHAT you need to achieve.


Remember that you cannot solve your problems on the same level with which you created them, same way, you cannot also meet your goals if you are still the same person you currently are in 2019 in the New Year – 2020.


Get the full details in your free copy of my eBook now.




Tosan A.

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