One sure way to know you are successful…

I remember some years back when a particular question haunted me. It followed me everywhere I went and showed up in everything I did. I was working hard, earning more but yet I didn’t feel fulfilled, so I needed to know the signs to look out for, I needed to be able to know what IT would mean on the inside before it became evident to others. I needed to know what the criteria was to be among them, I needed to know the milestones to work towards, I needed a vision for what it looked like so I would know when I achieved it, that was when my search began…

I needed to answer the question – WHAT DOES SUCCESS MEAN TO ME?

Here are a few things I found out;

Success is more than fame, wealth or prestige.

Success is not what you have done compared to other people, it is what you have done compared to what you were meant to do.

Dr. Myles Munroe

Success can only be defined by purpose…

Purpose is the original intent for the creation of a thing, it is the reason for its existence and the why behind something’s existence, while Success is the fulfillment and completion of the original intent for the creation of a product.

Our book in review has more depth on the subject of purpose, a pre-requisite for success.


This book has 12 chapters discussing everything you need to know about purpose; from its source to its importance, benefits, principles, perils and success. It addresses the foundation for the concept of purpose and why it cannot be ignored. It is a Christian book with concepts and examples from the Bible.

At the end of each chapter, a summary of the principles discussed and a few questions for further discussion are included to guide the reader towards the practicality of the principles as it pertains to them.

A quick summary into the depth of the book will be looked at from 3 areas;

  • The principles of purpose: this identifies the fundamental truths surrounding the concept of purpose. An example is the fact that Purpose is inherent – it was in you even before you were born; it was there before you became a Christian; that’s why I say that purpose is not for only Christians.

Have you been abusing yourself because you are unaware of your life’s purpose?

  • The PURPOSE of purpose: this discusses the WHY behind a purpose. The reason why discovering your purpose is significant and the benefits of walking with purpose.

One major benefit is that it gives you a clear sense of direction, confidence and inner fulfilment in your journey through life.

  • The source of purpose answers the question of where purpose is gotten from. It comes from the mind of the Creator and it forms the basis for creation; i.e the creator knows why he wants to create something before he creates it.

Get into the mind of your Creator today and gain more clarity, confidence and fulfillment. Join my 40-day excavation course on discovering why you were created. This book is part of my research for this course.

Tosan’s take: it’s always great to hear from Dr. Myles Munroe. This book has helped me understand that knowing and having a purpose is the true definition of success and that death is not the worst part of living; the worst part is actually living a life without purpose. A life is not cut short if the person lived a life of purpose, no matter how young the person was when they met with death. So I ask you now, WHAT DOES SUCCESS MEAN TO YOU?

NB: the book doesn’t teach you how to discover your purpose, so you can still spend some quality time this month to find out about your purpose, JOIN my course now to achieve that.

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