What does Easter mean to you?

As we celebrate Easter especially in the most unusual of ways (indoors) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, It is a good time to reflect on why the celebration albeit a quiet one is important.

Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death some 2000 years ago. Jesus Christ is the core of Christianity – as the name implies. We celebrate his resurrection for different reasons; today I share my own personal reason(s) for identifying with Christ and celebrating Easter.

For me, the death of Jesus breaks the barriers and protocols of access to God the Father. This was made clear when the curtains to the inner temple was ripped into two, from top to bottom; opening up the temple which was previously restricted to only the high priest who took offerings, and offered prayers to God on the people’s behalf. God’s presence moved from being in physical locations to being within us through the Holy Spirit.

Easter means all the protocols and bureaucracy have been cut off. I now have direct access to God. I can speak to him in my living room as much as I can in Church. I can speak to him about the little things that others would have thought were no big deal, and also talk to him about those embarrassing things that I’d rather say in private.

The gift of salvation coupled with having direct access to God, the creator of Heaven and Earth, Maker of all things is surreal, and for that I am grateful.

Easter reminds me of who I am, whose I am and Who I know and who I am connected to.

All for free and in real time. It truly calls for a celebration. That is why I celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As we celebrate Easter, don’t just eat, drink and be merry, reminisce on what Easter really means to you.

What does Easter mean to you???

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