Have you ever seen a worried Bird?

At this time when the world is facing a pandemic, and the buzz words are furlough, salary cuts, termination, social distancing, crash in oil prices, stock market crash, loss of business income amongst other negative news, most of us are worried about the state of finances. This review comes at the right time to reassure us that we are worth more than birds to God and He will meet our needs if only we put our trust in Him and put Him first.


The book is written by two Christian Missionaries who have had to depend on God for their needs and those of their members on the field; from their basic essentials to major financial needs for building projects and other mission related activities.

The authors have written the book with 2 interesting combination of readers in mind;

  • The missionary, the full-time Christian worker, or potential worker.
  • The person in the church congregation; the person working a secular job where;

The former is looking to step out in faith, to trust, obey and lean on God for his finances, while the latter is looking to learn to obey God and trust Him for Miracles bigger than what he can do on his own.

Surprisingly, the authors were able to address both sets of readers by dedicating a couple of chapters to each of them and then allowing the rest apply to both. The book has 15 chapters in total and an appendix on ‘The Creation of Wealth and the Alleviation of Poverty’. They also shared a lot of real-life stories to buttress their points.

I have categorized the lessons from the book in 3 sub-headings;


For us to be able to trust God, we need to know Him in-depth and be confident of His character, that He will keep His promises to us; this is particularly important considering the fact that it is usually much easier for us to believe in what we can see that the invisible God’s promise to provide for us.

We also ought to be willing to live by faith, which comes by

  • Knowing what God wants you to do,
  • Obeying whatever He shows you to do, and
  • Trusting him to do what you cannot do in His way and time.


As many have come to confirm, Money is neither good nor evil; rather the love of Money is the root of all evil according to the Bible. Money takes on the character of the person with it. It can be better viewed as a tool in the hands of either God or the devil.

The devil looks to use money to control us, through our greed, pride, lust for power and fears – especially the fear of financial insecurity ; other of such fears include the fear of not having enough, the fear of loss of control & the fear of spending power. These fears leave us vulnerable to manipulation from the devil, and makes us doubt God’s ability to provide for us, so we don’t trust Him.

The ways to counteract this manipulation is to be humble, have a servant’s heart and give generously. Giving in the face of your fears totally throws the devil off balance.

God also uses money or the lack of it to test us, to know where our priorities lie. Sometimes He uses it as a reset button to get us away from being too comfortable or overly reliant on ourselves; and other times, He is more interested in developing our character and faith, than He is about immediately supplying our needs.


Using the aspect of missions and people’s money concerns about becoming a missionary or working full time for God, the book explains how we can rely on God’s invisible means of support by trusting in His means to provide; and not in the ways He has provided in the past or how we expect him to provide. He may want you to speak to others about your need, He may want you to be quiet about it, just be willing to sacrifice your pride and be prepared to obey whatever means He will instruct you to use.

Let go, knowing that He will catch you…

Tosan’s take: For such an old book, it is thought-provoking to note that the sensitivities around money have been around for a while and will still be here long after. I learnt about our pride surrounding how we expect God to meet our needs, either through our own self-dependency or through our dependence on particular people he has used in the past. The goal is to put your trust in God, to know His ways enough to let go of your fears and worries about your finances and then let Him use ALL the tools in his arsenal to provide for you, not just through the one limited way you think He should.

In the mean time, don’t become a WORRIED Bird.

11 thoughts on “Have you ever seen a worried Bird?

  1. Hello, I am enjoying your reviews. Love the see young people who spend time ready these days & times. Many have called it an old habit especially in this generation. Everyone just want a gadget in hand to scroll through and rarely spend time to read. Please keep this up. You are teaching many people to read again as point out so much lessons to learn from these books. Thanks


  2. Wow! This is so real and sometimes I am guilty of this.
    I tell myself I trust God and depend on Him but somewhere I have another plan, someone I can reach out to.
    Especially when it comes to finances, it’s very difficult trusting God 100% but like you rightly put it, you MUST KNOW GOD and not just head knowledge here. This builds your faith in Him and that way, no matter what is thrown at you, you are confident that He’s got you.

    Thank you Tosan, God bless you.


  3. Wow….. Excellent. I’m looking forward to getting the book soon.
    It would be great to read through & glean more information on trusting God for my faith and finances.

    Also to be able to distinguish things God expects me to do for myself and the things that I have to trust Him for, thereby not pushing my responsibility on God unnecessarily, because I know I have a role to play in the actualisation of God’s plan for my life.

    Thank you so much Tosan for sharing this thought provoking information.
    It will indeed strengthen my faith and help put things in right focus.


      1. Really a nice one ma!
        Well insightfull, both for the deep believers and to the baby Christians.
        It is also a book that key one into deep faith of dependency on God alone.
        It guides the reader out of carnality.
        God is the all sufficient God. Man can fail me without any apology. But depending on God alone, with spiritual sensitivity around that situation, one can never be put to defeat.

        Thanks so much ma!
        I like the book.


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