Did He predict the Pandemic???

The predictions of the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on businesses and employees described here are apt!

What happens to entire classes of people who made average financial plans when faced with extended periods of very difficult economic times or decades of extended unemployment?

Grant Cardone

Sounds familiar? So I thought.

Just a few months into the Pandemic and most businesses and employees are really struggling; in fact some businesses are yet to get the resume operations.

Average sure doesn’t cut it.


The book has 23 chapters and something I find rather interesting – a Glossary – where the author defines most of the terminologies used in the book to prevent misinterpretation and eliminate ambiguities. I thought it was noteworthy considering that I had not seen that in a while. I see more of Appendix and notes.

The book explains the different aspects of the 10X rule – the main concept being propagated throughout the book; what the 10X rule is all about, the mindset of a 10X adopter, the challenges to expect and how to manage them, and how the 10X rule differentiates between success and the Unsuccessful People.

So what is the 10X rule all about?

The 10X Rule is about what you have to think and do to get to a point 10 times more gratifying than you have ever imagined.


For those of us that have been winging it, here’s some clarity;

The 10X rule is about thinking and taking 10 times the actions you think is necessary to achieve your goals. This is necessary as most times things do not usually go as planned – either due to circumstances outside our control like the COVID-19 pandemic, a new government policy or sudden illness; we can only control one thing – our thoughts and actions and if we 10x them, we can either eliminate or totally reduce the impact of any of these unplanned situations on us.

The actions most people take are usually average levels of action which CANNOT withstand any unplanned variable. The author admonishes us to always 10x our actions to cover for any gaps that maybe out of our control to save us from losses and emotional distress.

A classic example is starting a business and estimating how many clients you will need to breakeven, even when you are conservative, most times you will find out that you require more calls, visits, emails, meetings, efforts and time than planned to get your clients and break-even.

The 10X rule doesn’t apply only to businesses but to all goals.

10x rule book review by Grant Cardone Tosansreviews.com
10x goals

A personal example for me was when I decided to learn how to swim (my motivation was a trip to Mauritius), the swimming lessons recommended were only 10 which could easily have been between 2 – 4 months, but by the 4th lesson, I knew that if I really wanted to move from the shallow end to the deep end, I would need to invest more time and money in the process.

Then the rains started…

I ended up getting a personal swim coach alongside the group training, which meant I learnt faster but I still couldn’t do it alone and well by the 10th lesson! And ended up spending about 3 months of over 20 classes!

The author Grant Cardone, mentions 4 mistakes people make when setting out to achieve their goals. They are;

1. Mis-targeting by setting objectives that are too low and don’t allow for enough correct motivation.

2. Severely underestimating what it will take in terms of actions, resources, money, and energy to accomplish the target.

3. Spending too much time competing and not enough time dominating their sector.

4. Underestimating the amount of adversity they will need to overcome in order to actually attain their desired goal. (This for me is the truth!)

The author also shared on the side effects of adopting the 10X mentality as increased criticism and being perceived as ‘obsessive’. Obsessiveness, he claims is the best trait needed to stay consistent, persistent and committed to chasing your goals. For those who fear

He ends the book by sharing 32 traits of successful people for readers to adopt to give them that winning mentality and assure success.

Tosan’s take: I had my reservations as I read this book because I felt sometimes being aggressive and doing too much doesn’t work at least not for everybody; but as I read through the book, I could have sworn that Grant Cardone predicted the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and employees.

I am convinced that adopting the 10x mindset is the truth!

This book is loaded and spills so much truth that it hurts! I will recommend this book to every new business owner out there and anyone committed to achieving success.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it, just get your copy and make sure to read it over and over again!

In his words,

10X parameters allow for a variety of unplanned variables that can strike at any point during a project: employee problems, lawsuits, economic swings, national or global events, competition, illness, and so forth. Add to this list any marketplace resistance to your projects, people being set in their ways, shifts in technology, and, well, you have a whole slew of additional potential events.

Grant Cardone

Can you guess where I decided to put this to test first?

My Content Creation & Social Media Management company – REDSKYS MEDIA.

I introduced 10X Packages to stretch myself and provide the best value for my clients.

Best value Social media marketing packages in Nigeria

I can’t wait to hear your feedback and also work with your businesses to dominate the social media space!


Tosan A.

19 thoughts on “Did He predict the Pandemic???

  1. This is a great article. I love the simplicity with which you defined business ethics and procedures. I also enjoyed knowing that the 10x principle is realistic and can be applied to all areas of an individual’s life and goals. Thank you for the time you put into enriching our lives. More grace.


  2. Well done, Tosan. I’m super proud of you.
    I could see the 10x principle already visible around your daily routines and projects… like when you stepped into business, the tosanreviews and the social media space.

    The value of knowledge is in the application thereof.

    Thanks for sharing once again.



  3. After reading this ma, it seems to my mental understand like I just went for a course on how to plan and achieve my goals with the 10X rules. Thanks so much for this book ma..Setting low target for oneself on a proposed business/goals, is like a step downward for failure. And underestimation on the set goal challenges, is an escort agent to fail. Too much time in competition and not even thing on how to DOMINATE, is like a cage of stagnation in that goal target. And not understand your adversaris, is like walking blindly.

    Thanks so much MA! I really learnt from this book

    O. Martins


    1. I love your analysis of the 4 reasons why we fail to achieve our goals most times. I’m glad I was able to communicate so much of the book in such little space. Thanks for reading and commenting. 👍🏽


  4. Tosan, thank you so much for this masterpiece. I totally agree with the authour that obsession is a gift. Excuses are self imposed roadblocks to success.

    The norm is to underpromise and overdeliver, but as rightly shown by the 10x principle, this is low brainer.

    Thank you Tosan. Weldone!!


  5. 10x sha… ☺.
    I agree with giving it your best shot,but isn’t 10x kind of intense?
    Will such intensity be maintained consistently on a long term basis?
    These are some of the questions running through my mind.
    I get the whole concept of trying to prepare for any eventuality tho.

    Well done Tosan.


    1. Thanks for your comments Wole. I like the honesty in it. I actually had similar thoughts in this direction (mine was on burnout) when I started getting the concept, however the more I read the more I understood.

      A quick scenario to share my understanding, if my goal was to make 10 million Naira, and I adopted the 10x rule, my new goal would 100m, and I would take 10x actions to achieve 100m, if for any reason, I have to take a month’s break to recover after making 30m out of 100m, I would still be in a much better zone than if I was considering only 10m and putting in only 1X efforts.

      Besides taking a break doesn’t mean your race is over, I learnt that from my long run. You can read about that here.


      I hope this helps! Otherwise just get your copy already 😊


  6. Well done Tosan, I think the fear of being perceived as obsessed also prevents us from going all in.
    I love the 10x principle and it will be great adopting it in my personal life.

    Thanks again Author T.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Caleb. It’s great to know that you will be adopting the 10x rule in your personal life.

      As for the perception of being Obsessed, the author, Grant Cardone explained in the book that being obsessed or being unreasonable is necessary to win at our goals and shouldn’t be perceived as negative as most people do.

      It’s a sure sign that you are on track to achieving your goals. I hope we can look past other people’s perceptions and forge ahead.



  7. I find it very interesting. Honestly this pandemic has caused lots of damages globally.
    Even when we set our targets believing that we can achieve it without putting in place those necessary things that will enable it stand the test of time it crumbles and efforts wasted within a twinkle of an eye.

    Sometimes we spend too much time on unnecessary things leaving behind the most important ones.

    In summary, the author is trying to let us know that in setting our targets we should also consider other unforeseen circumstances and make provisions for them.

    Good write up ma, well done. ❤❤❤❤


    1. I love the way you put it Patricia. The author is reminding us that we can only control what’s within our purview and minimize the impact of those outside it by thinking 10x ways and taking 10x actions.


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