How to STAY ALIVE in 2020

How many people do you know that have passed on in 2020?

2020 is the year where I have counted up to 10 people that have died; some were professional colleagues, some were people that I admire, and some were really close to home. The number of the death toll keeps rising and it’s depressing.

Truthfully, not all of them were directly linked to the Corona virus but if I am asked to pick one common thing in all of these deaths, I’ll still say it’s the virus.

Whilst some of us have been safe from getting the virus, the side effects of the virus have not eluded us. Whether it is from businesses being shut down for so long, or the unlikely recovery of some businesses, the loss of incomes and jobs, the hike in prices of essentials, COVID-19 found a way to affect us all.

We have been advised to be resilient, embrace change and be quick to adjust; these things however do not come without their own set of challenges. Where do you start from? especially when you don’t even know where it is leading…

How do you handle the numerous transient emotions that engulf you during the change process?

How do you manage other people as a leader when you’ve got your own problems staring at you – leaders still eat last right???

Oh well, enough of my ranting and back to the subject matter… How do we stay alive in 2020?

Here are my thoughts on how to stay alive in 2020 in no particular order;

Focus on what is working: business may not be working, but family is. Focus on family while trying to get business back up so you don’t lose both.

Be Grateful: even in dire situations, there are always things to be grateful for. Sometimes we are grateful that things are not worse, other times we are grateful for the little things we previously ignored. To stay alive in 2020 and beyond – You need an attitude of gratitude.

Pay attention to your mental health: The psychological effects of this pandemic may have been overshadowed by the economic effects. A sound mind is necessary to rebuild and get back up. Being Mentally sound is necessary to succeed in many aspects of life – business, self, relationships, family, career etc. Imagine making a financial decision in an unstable mental state… Meditation, speaking to a therapist are options that you can explore to do this.

Embrace your emotions: the flurry of emotions we have felt in this period is much more than some of us have experienced in our whole lives; this makes us uncomfortable and we try everything to ignore, run away from them or make them disappear… but we can only bury them for a little while before they show up when we least expect them.

Yes, I know they are uncomfortable, they are even strange and you certainly don’t like them, but you have to at least try to understand them and be patient with your emotions to be able to get through 2020. I hate being confused, I dislike being in the middle, I mean I know what I want and I go for it, but these days, what I want changes as new developments unfold, I’ve got accommodate the changes in my emotions as I do the changes to life in general. Embrace your emotions.

Build your personal relationship with God: In this year, I’ve realized that in my own strength, I’ll die trying to make everything work especially in a pandemic. Somethings are way overrrr your head. I was telling my husband just the other day, that it’s so much easier to trust God when there is no other option. Sometimes, you even have to do this daily cos some days you have more strength than others. This also helps remind you of WHO is on your side assuring you of success.

Stay connected: Physical distancing is not the same as social distancing. Stay in touch. Stay connected. Not just surface – how are you?… Share how you truly feel with a select few. Two things happen when you do that; one you feel lighter and the other you just may get help.

Do something you love… Your heart has to be happy to keep moving. If you love to dance like me… do it daily. Be intentional about keeping your heart happy.

Stay Fit – As you know, those with underlying health conditions are susceptible to dying from the virus… staying fit increases your chances of staying alive in 2020. It also helps you stay energized. Your level of physical activity also affects your emotions (e-motion). Your movement or lying idly or worrying affects how you feel, think and act. Stay alive in 2020 by staying fit. 2020 has shown us that your health is just as important as wealth or more important with some wealthy people dying despite their access to the best medical care.

Give love... and receive love: it’s so heart breaking to know that some people could not be around their loved ones in those last moments… and some of us are having a hard time with too much love from the kids being around all the time! LOL! Create enough memories to last a lifetime, so when situations and hardship arises, you have sweet things to dwell on.

Allow yourself to live: Don’t be too serious. Play more. Live more mindfully and learn more about YOU.

Keep giving your best efforts to creating wealth and thriving; remember to cut yourself some slack when things don’t work out quickly enough… shift your focus back to points 1 – 10.

That’s it!

I know there are more… so please share so more people can find what works for them and adopt it to stay alive in year (2020) and beyond.

I dedicate this post to all the people that have left us in 2020… You all are still inspiring us to LIVE fully & intentionally even in death.


Tosan A.

6 thoughts on “How to STAY ALIVE in 2020

  1. Thanks so much ma! These points in staying safe/alive , are hot points. No person that will practice them to the LETTER , that will not succeed.

    Thanks so much ma
    O. Martins


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