Are you choosing Wealth in a wheelchair?

What is the point of being wealthy at 70 when you may be on a wheel chair and without enough energy to enjoy your wealth?

Wealth in a wheelchair?

I remember when I first saw this picture with the old couple so exhausted, they couldn’t make it through their tour of Venice. My initial thoughts were, Oh, I am not waiting for retirement to travel the world, I’m seeing it right away! but after reading this book, I knew I also wanted to do a lot more things with money WHILE I’ve still got the energy!

What is the point of being wealthy at 70 when you may be on a wheel chair and without enough energy to enjoy your wealth?

What’s the point of being wealthy at 65/70 when you may not be alive to enjoy it?


Chill & hear what MJ DeMarco is saying in his book –


A no-nonsense book shredding some long held beliefs about wealth creation. The book is particular about debunking the recommendations given by most financial gurus, which he claims are mostly based on an optimistic outlook of time on money and investing in the stock market.

The book is divided into 8 parts each, the first two parts introducing the concept of Fastlane Millionaire and critiquing all the popular suggestions about getting wealthy like;

Get a job, save 10% in mutual funds or the stock market, and wait for 30- 40 years to be wealthy.

The next 3 parts address 3 roads to poverty/wealth and their drivers in more details. They are;

The Sidewalk Roadmap – leading to Poverty

The Slowlane Roadmap – leading to Mediocrity

The Fastlane RoadMap – leading to Wealth

The last 3 parts go into details on the Fastlane Roadmap to Wealth and how you can manage YOURSELF for the journey to Fastlane wealth.


The book is set out to refute all the claims about saving and investing in safe instruments to become wealthy. This approach the author calls the Slowlane because he believes is faulty based on its overdependence on time to increase the value of your wealth.

Time for monies invested in the different investment markets to produce meaningful yields, Time – based on the amount of hours one is willing to put in a job – 12 hours daily, 5 days a week for 40 working years.

These two factors are limited & uncontrollable in the Slowlane and Sidewalk. The markets are not in your control as they could crash as seen during the recessions that rocked the world and the fact that your time is limited and controlled by your boss as an employee.

This strategy, he called the Uncontrolled Limited Leverage (ULL); where

Wealth = Job (The primary income source) + Market Investment (The Wealth Accelerator)

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you

Carl Sandburg

He calls this the Slowlane approach to becoming wealthy; also because you never get to pay yourself first as suggested by many financial gurus, you almost always pay yourself last after paying the government and sorting out your basic needs.

The Fastlane Roadmap.

He introduces the Fastlane model as a shortcut to wealth with a strategy based on controllable variables with unlimited leverage – Controllable Unlimited Leverage (CUL).

Here, the time factor is removed or fully exploited, hence the limitations are lifted, and the fastlaner is able to control the amount of profit he can make in his business.

The Fast-lane’s route to wealth is


                    Profit + Asset value.

The rich use the markets for income and wealth preservation – not to create it.

MJ DeMarco

Business Systems are the systems put in place that does the heavy lifting and pays you first like entrepreneurship and business. It is also exclusive of your time. He was quick to note that not all self-employment or small businesses can be classified as a business if the owners still trade their time for money; they might as well just be called jobs!

To break time is to grow a Money tree! Divorce your wealth from Time.


Money trees are business systems that survive on their own, they require periodic support and nurturing but survive on their own, creating a surrogate for your time-for-money trade.

He suggested some business seedlings that could result into Money trees, these are rated in order of their passivity.

  • Rental systems
  • Computer/software systems
  • Content systems
  • Distribution systems
  • Human resource systems

In conclusion, you have to AFFECT MILLIONS TO MAKE MILLIONS!

So states the Law of Effection.

The law of Effection states that the more lives you can affect in an entity you control, in scale and/or magnitude, the richer you will become.

Tosan’s take: This is one longgggg book! And because of the all the sense it had, it took me more hours to complete. It was like taking a financial intelligence course. It had so much to teach leaving me with a lot to unlearn, and new things to learn.

The biggest lesson for me was ‘divorcing my wealth from my time’.

I learnt how to think like a producer and not a consumer, how to create systems to free my wealth from being dependent on my time. I also enjoyed learning about how to create money trees and make difficult decisions.

This book is packed with a lot to shift your mindset from thinking small and claiming control of your financial future with patience, perseverance and a Fastlane strategy!

2 thoughts on “Are you choosing Wealth in a wheelchair?

  1. Well done Tosan; this is indeed a summary, cos I’ve seen the size of that book. The critical concept of separating wealth and personal time is liberating.
    You know what they say about earning money while you sleep; that effectively separates wealth from personal time.


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