tosansreviews hot stone massage

The idyllic view of a massage session with hot stones had been ingrained in my mind and seeing subsequent pictures of it in recent times, just reinforced my desire to try it.

But hey… as with all types of massages, it is not cheap and I wasn’t sure of its functionality (we already agree on its aesthetics), so I skipped it many times.

But like an itch that won’t go away, the thought of trying a HOT-STONE massage never left me, and so I finally braced up to do one knowing that I might not get the results I want but at least I would have checked it of my bucket list.

So on this beautiful day, I dragged myself to the massage parlor (since I wait till I’m thoroughly knackered and my husband has resigned me to my fate by refusing to offer me any more home therapies); I decided to try something new… maybe not so new since it had always being on my to-try list.

A HOT-STONE Massage.

How the hot-stone looks so beautiful on her back

Of course the attendant promised it was going to be nice, but what did I expect her to say?

So I went in and the session started with the normal massage style – like a Swedish massage (I’m happy to throw in these names – Lol!) and then the masseuse stopped to get the stones, I could hear the sound of them hitting each other… hmmmm… we are getting there, I thought to myself.

She started with my upper body; she used the really smooth stones (they were very warm but not hot) to massage each part – say my arm and then she would leave the stones at particular parts like one in my palm closed, my spine had a number of stones, I’m sure it looked like those pictures I had seen a number of times (Smiles…), apart from my skin color, I’m brown skinned, not Caucasian.

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to show for it and lastly, my eyes were actually closed with my head facing down. So, sorry, you are going to have to trust my feelings now that you know the truth.

Whenever she put the stones on my body, I always felt the warmth, it was like leaving a warm cloth on a sore muscle after hand-massaging it. She would leave the stones at strategic points and then move to another part of my body to repeat the routine.

I noticed that I followed her every time she moved whilst enjoying the warmth from the stones still doing their thing, she did this till my whole body was massaged and the clanking from two stones hitting each other (which she occasionally did – maybe for effects) stopped.

Then It was time to remove the stones, only then, did I realise that I had a lot of stones positioned at different places; I had actually forgotten that there were warm… To be honest, I had completely forgotten that there were still stones on or under some parts of my body. They seemed to have blended in with my body.

I guess it was all part of the experience.

This experience showed me of how easy it is for us to keep piling different things on ourselves, forgetting that there is already a stack of stones on or under us; making us oblivious of what it means to be light… without baggage.

I am reminded of the analogy of the frog and boiling water.


When thrown in boiling water, the frog jumps out impulsively; however when placed in lukewarm water and put on a cooker to boil, the frog continues to adapt to the heat of the water till it is completely cooked.

We sometimes pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to whatever life throws at us…forgetting that we’ve just gotten better at piling stuff on top of other stuff which we so easily forget to take off.

As you prepare for your own Hot Stone Massage session, remember to leave light as I did. I mean that’s the whole point of the massage, right?


Tosan A.


  1. Good evevning ma,

    This is a new discovering, and it is very interesting ma, i think i will fine time to try it.
    Thanks so much ma for sharing

    High regards ma!


  2. Hmmmm… they should change the name to warm stone massage, as long as its called “hot” my mind cant go with the flow… prolly I react to what I read 🤣🤣🤣. I super loved how you explained how we adapt to issues, the way the human mind works still fascinates me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world.


    1. 😂😂😂 Same thing a friend said, all she imagined was her back getting burnt with stones over grilled/cooked! 😂😂😂. Thanks for always dropping a comment. I appreciate the support.


  3. Wow! I love how you related your experience at the massage parlor while adroitly turning it into an analogy. The hot stone massage does sound like a wonderful experience and how true it is that we get so adept at hauling in the baggage, it becomes a second skin. Such a vital lesson: to live light always. Thanks, Mrs. A.


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