What does it really mean to be the RICH-ER Woman?

I once pursued money.
I focused on being a successful career woman at the expense of other areas of my life. Now, I realize that all I want is to live a life of purpose. I want to be successful in every single area of my life, and not just in one area. I want to excel at every gift & responsibility God has given me…

Omilola Oshikoya – the RICHER WOMAN – PG 91.

THE RICHER WOMAN (A woman’s guide to true wealth) || OMILOLA OSHIKOYA|| 2017|| 244 PAGES

The book is a Christian read; It has nineteen chapters which are divided into 2 parts; the RICH & the RICHER Woman.

The first part  – the RICH Woman – is a raw and vulnerable story of how the pursuit of money influenced the author’s life; not only in the area of finance but also in seemingly unrelated areas like her relationship with men, marriage, career and her family.

It showed how our exposure to money – whether good or bad follows us a long way from childhood to adulthood. She watched how lack of finances disrupted the peace in her home as a child (her parents were always fighting over money problems) and how it influenced her career choice and even her choice of a partner.

It is God who Blesses, and he decides who he blesses.

She also shared about the temptations & struggles she faced in her marriage following her pursuit for more money and ‘happiness’. Her faith was apparent in getting through the seemingly insurmountable challenges she faced in becoming the ‘Richer’ woman.

The second part of the book – the RICHER Woman – was more instructive on how to become the Richer Woman who is not only financially wealthy, but rich in terms of her status in the society, her marriage, family, relationships, and health among other things. She becomes RICHER by walking in her purpose – The reason for which she was created and prioritizing her relationship with God.

The Richer Woman isn’t perfect, she’s not flawless. The Bible never said, She’s perfect, neither does it say she doesn’t have a past, sometimes she’s a broken vessel who God wants to use to carry out his perfect will…He will use our flaws to fulfil His perfect purpose. And that’s when we become the

The foundation for this part was the Proverbs 31 Woman in the Bible. It discussed the woman’s many roles which come together to make her RICHER. It includes her role as her heavenly Father’s daughter, as a wife, mother, business/career woman. It also addresses the different things that hold us back from becoming the RICHER WOMAN; majorly fear in different forms.

The Proverbs 31 Woman is an epitome of a woman of purpose; She doesn’t compromise on her family in pursuit of a career.

And finally, it suggest ways we can beat Fear, which is to DO IT AFRAID.

Tosan’s take: The first part of the book was fire! It was unputdownable! I couldn’t believe the author’s openness in sharing her struggles and vulnerabilities to the world. I could understand her reluctance in writing the book; however sharing from that level of authenticity totally drew me in and taught me a lot about how money can easily be a god if we allow; and how we have to trust in God and his provision if we truly want to be RICHER.

It was quite the read. Ladies, You all should absolutely get yourselves a copy.


Tosan A.

2 thoughts on “What does it really mean to be the RICH-ER Woman?

  1. Good morning ma!

    Really I long time ma, hope all has been fine by God’s Grace ma?

    Reading through the highlight of the book — ‘The Richer woman” and your comment, Has really open my mind to what it actually means to be a RICHER WOMAN…

    Every woman with sincere ambition to be richer in life, must get a copy of this book (The Richer Woman).

    And I think it also applicable to a man (In Lessons) it is not only making money in life that qualities a humans (Both Genders) to be call RICHER…

    Thanks so much for sharing ma. God richly bless you ma…

    High Regards ma
    Martins O.

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