Tosansreviews.com is a book review blog (From Nigeria to the World) about reading, reviewing books and sharing of course. I am interested in business, motivational and christian reads.

I am Tosan Alimi (Tosan A. For short), the lady behind the notes. I love reading, exploring and learning new things. I am excited about being able express my learnings through Tosansreviews.com

Come with me, let’s pick your next read together.

One thought on “About

  1. Hello Tosan,
    I have to confess you got it spot on on your review and I had a great time reading through. I’ve also learnt so much in a short time.
    I actually got your review link via your LinkedIn profile. I will ensure spreading this link to as many as possible. Brilliant and refreshing.
    Your review inspires and am proud.
    Weldone and regards to the family. God bless


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