Why I smiled…

As I look out the balcony at my domestic assistant as she leaves me for the holidays and of course for greener pastures (she won’t be returning), I smile.

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Life lessons from Candy Crush!

Yes! you heard right…

For those who don’t know, Candy Crush is a game. Check the apps store on your device for more info.

candy crush logo

I am personally open to learning from just about anything… from movies, to random things, to nature , from conversations, anything and of course games: candy crush.
I am one of the late joiners to the world of candy crush but nonetheless i have welcomed and accepted this game as my break-in- transmission tool. Starting from level 1 to level 309 ( I know you are already at level 1500 but did you learnt what I learnt?)
Here are 3 lessons about life I picked from playing Candy crush.

1. Every game has to be challenging to be worth playing. Too easy: Not interested. Too hard: not fun. Challenging: Yes.


So if life were a challenging game worth my time, would I always aim to win at the very 1st round? No. Not always, else I’d  think it was too easy and lose interest. But how come we always expect things to be easy-peasy with life, and we complain at the first attempt at losing – #food4thot


2. It is not over until it is over! There are times where you have only 2 or 3 moves and you are still way behind your goal of either clearing jellies or bringing down fruits – and you just know that there is no way you can win the game, but all of a sudden you play just one move and everything else begins to align and you make only one or two moves and you finish the game colorfully! For me, it’s just intriguing. I have repeated such levels and found out that the game was created in such a way to work with the player’s zeal or maybe belief. If i continued with the hope that miracles could happen, then colorful miracles happen, but if I give up in the last few strides becoming overwhelmed by how impossible it is to still meet my target, then I lose.


Just imagine if we were always unshaken in our belief that it is not over until it is over! And we held that belief to the very end every time…

3. Time doesn’t control us, we control time: Now there are some time bombs which have time slots allotted to them which countdown as you play and explodes when it gets to zero.

The first time i encountered this level, i felt cheated and was upset at how quickly i had to finish the game to avoid the bomb exploding during the game and abruptly ending my session without me winning.  It took several frustrating plays and a relaxed me to understand that I, as a matter of fact controlled the  bombs, I just needed to change my perspective to seeing the time bombs as moves-bombs (meaning instead of thinking about how fast I needed to go, I starting thinking about how strategic i needed to play).

Sometimes that pain point just needs you to get a new perspective about it.


I hope you are relaxing this break. Be open to learning even in your most relaxed moments.

Happy Easter.
Tosan A.

January in blogs! February in view


It’s the end of January, the first month in 2017. It’s been an interesting and challenging one especially since I decided to post weekly this year. All I can say, One month down, 11 to go. I expect to be a guru at this at the end of the year.

Thanks to the blog’s followers and readers who support and encourage me to keep at it. I invite you to continue on this journey with me and invite friends to come on as well; it will be worth their time.

Here are the blog posts in January,

I enjoyed the reactions from how social are you? As many wondered where I got all those names from as they searched through. I enjoyed reading Jack Canfield’s book – in how to get from point A to point B. I hope everyone has tried creating their life purpose statement so we can move on to reading it daily. Remember, it may not be perfect the first time. 100% LIFE IMPROVEMENT was a reinforcer and spiritual reminder that we have to play our parts, then we can let God do the rest.

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Welcome to February, the month of love… well, so they say. It promises to be an interesting one with 2 business books to be reviewed, a short story and a random/related post.

The only confirmed book for February is

  1. SMALL GIANTS by Bo Burlingham – 10th February

The second will be confirmed later.
Happy February!


Tosan A.



Creating your Life purpose statement

Being clear about why you were created and where you are headed would really help you stay focused in a world where there are lots of opportunities and options available to either pull or push you. Your purpose serves as your road map through life – Tosan A.

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How social are you?


Are you a connector???

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What does Christmas mean to you?

I’m awake at 3am, Dec 25th 2016, because my son was thirsty, now I can’t go back to sleep, so here I am to drop a timely thought.

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Tipping point

My first review with mixed feelings. It’s one of those books you hate to love. I was drawn to the book by one of the acclaims for the book about it being a good read for marketers, so I went in with expectations on how to tip my sales! I was initially unsure but I soon understood just how that was going to happen as I read through this knowledge- packed book. I enjoyed it – Tosan A.

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