Discover YOUR Purpose!

My journey towards Purpose…

A few years ago, just when I was beginning to stabilize at work, getting into the flow of things, becoming an expert and earning more, something happened.
I also began to notice a void in me.
A void that my professional achievements couldn’t fill.
A void that my bank account wasn’t filling.
I wasn’t truly happy – because I felt like I was living a double life.
I wasn’t fulfilled. I didn’t feel successful
I felt like there was more to me. Like there was more I was meant to do, which wasn’t even related to my work. I mean, I am great at what I do, but that doesn’t mean I absolutely love it or want to do it forever.
Anyway, this void led me to question myself, my desires and my actions, and I ended up with the ultimate question – Tosan, WHY WERE YOU CREATED?

I know that I am uniquely created, and designed for “a purpose”, but for what PURPOSE? I mean, from the much I knew about Purpose, I knew I was meant to experience personal fulfillment which wasn’t happening.

As I attempted to answer the questions in my head, I was led from one book to another (you already know, I learn a lot through books), sermons and more, till I found what my purpose was.

Till I found out what I was meant to be doing.
Till I found out what my success meant
Till I found out WHY I WAS CREATED.

I took me a lot more than 40 days to discover it, but I knew that if I found it, the remaining unlived part of my life would be secured, which was why I intentionally went through the motions and dug until I found water – My purpose.

The pressure from the family, social media, parents and the world at large keeps pushing us toward trends, and things they think would suit us; with the real question being ignored – “WHY WERE YOU CREATED?”

We need to be deliberate about having a focus and a direction so that we don’t move every time the wind blows. We need to dig, dig some more and dig deeper to find out why we were created.

2020 is not a year to walk blindly, it is a year to be deliberate about walking in your purpose. Luckily, your purpose doesn’t expire so you get to walk in your original design for life!

Join me on this 40-day journey as we uncover your purpose and help you begin to live your life with a sense of fulfillment; Let me help you walk in the right direction, just as your maker had in mind.
This course is for YOU;

  • If you, like me, desires to find fulfillment as you journey to success
  • If you want to know what your Maker had in mind when he created you
  • If you want to walk with the end in mind and not just go with the flow
  • If you want to know what success means to you, not what the world says it is.

NO. I believe that everyone was created for a purpose (except if you believe in the evolution theory), not just Christians, and YES, I still expect you to find meaning, depth and connection to your Source (Creator) on this journey.
I once asked a coach of mine, if I could submit an assignment in 4 days instead of 2 weeks that she had given and she replied, “Of course YES, as long as a pregnant woman can get pregnant and give birth in 3 months instead of 9-10 months.
Yes, we’d love things to be done quicker and faster and finding your purpose should be one of them…Yet we ought to remember that our life’s purpose is for a lifetime not a year. You may get it in 2020, but it is not for 2020 alone. Give yourself time appreciate the journey to finding your purpose as intended by your creator.
Every day, for 40 days, you will receive a mail from me with information, questions and other content to guide you on this journey. This can be in form of videos, text or workbooks. Kindly commit to fully participating to get the most out of this.
It begins on the 26th of February, 2020.

You will KNOW why you were created and learn to live in the light of this knowledge (which may or may not be new to you).

All you have to do is register, using the link below and invite your family and friends to do the same. it’s not fun when you are the only one who is enlightened.

You will also be saving a whooping N10,000 if you do so immediately.