Who DO you need to BECOME to achieve your 2020 goals (and beyond)?

An online class that discusses the intangible elements which are essential in ensuring that goals set in 2020 are met. It focuses on the individual, the Personality, Values, Characters and Habits that sets one up to BECOME an achiever who smashes their 2020 goals.

Areas of discussion

The Mindset of an Achiever

The Values of an Achiever

The Character of an Achiever

The habits of an Achiever


Who is this class meant for?

Those who are interested in embodying their goals, Becoming the kind of person needed to achieve their goals

Those who are worried about who they will become in the process of chasing theirs dreams.

Those interested in trying something new.

Those who constantly struggle between meeting their goals and maintaining their values.

Those who are tired of giving up on their goals halfway.

Those who are interested in the journey to achieving their goals as much as achieving the goal itself.


What will you gain at the end of the class?

You will understand the intangible elements of goal setting that will design you into a goal achiever in 2020.

You will understand the WHO aspect of goal setting

You will gain clarity of your person and your goals.

You will rev your thought engine to explore who you need to be to be successful with you strategies.

You will learn areas to pay attention to in becoming in the new year.

You will be certain about the habits you need to build in the new year.

You will become confident about achieving your 2020 goals.


What is the value of this investment?

The class is valued at N10,000 only.  To take advantage of the early bird offer valued at N7,500 (offer valid till the 2nd of January, 2020).




When & where is it holding?

It will hold on Saturday, the 11th January, 2020 by 8am WAT (GMT+1). It will hold online. A link will be sent to all registered participants.


Will there be a replay?

It will be more fun to have you in class but I understand that it may not be possible for everyone, that’s why the recording will be made available by latest Monday to all attendees.