What I ‘saw’ in the match between Barca and PSG


A lot of us watched the match and most of us saw Barca do what they know how to do best. Someone saw something else which we can all take a cue from… You should read this whether you agree with the scores, the referee’s position or not – Tosan A.


What I learnt from Barca’ s comeback. There’s a lot to learn from Barca’s historic comeback. Trailing 4-0 from the first leg, they needed to score at least 5 to go through. In the course of the game the opposition got 1 goal to worsen Barca’s situation. The score was now 5-3 on aggregate. Barca […]

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2 thoughts on “What I ‘saw’ in the match between Barca and PSG

  1. madam you are right in all aspect but Barcelona was able to fulfilled their dream because the so God of soccer is on there. side,the referee, the fans that were shouting we can do it and the home advantage, all comes to play in the game but some people are dream killer,always want someone to be down forever.


  2. Without judgement, I’d like to watch the match again as I missed snippets whilst been distracted. Believing completely, is trait one needs to succeed and imbibe in one’s journey in life. Using a UEFA match is another scenario completely. I have watched a previous Barcelona vs Chelsea match which was so “unbelievable” in that Barcelona “had” to Win at all cost and it played out as such. The financial gains of “one” in the Semi’s vs another are huge and mind bugling. As at this morning, 150,000 have signed a petition concerning the Match…


    Your message is Awesome but the application to this scenario and issues around it is a little suspect. My 10k opinion. Have a great day

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