Meet the man who drives in Lagos, Nigeria and never uses his horn up to 10 times in a year

– Does he exist? Or better still is he chauffeured?

Yes and No. He is for real and he truly does drive himself since he loves driving. So back to the question of his horn usage, 10 times in a year is almost impossible! For those outside Lagos, let me quickly give a brief description of driving in Lagos. Lagos is the 17th busiest city and 3rd worst city to drive in the world with over a million vehicles driving daily on the roads, (African Association of Public Transport, 2010, LAMATA, 2014), notice I said vehicles not just cars. We have tricycles, bikes, transport buses, pick-up vans and articulated vehicles all vying for space on Lagos roads. Not forgetting the bad roads in some areas; if you are not in Lagos, you can only but imagine the congestion.

Everyone is in a hurry, everyone feels super road-smart, everyone feels they own the road and have all the road rights. The roads are never quiet with horns blazing from defensive driving, offensive overtaking, pedestrians crossing the road right under a pedestrian bridge or using the horn as defense from mean truck drivers (this was me as a learner). So how does one drive around and keep the horn usage to less than 10 in a year not in a day??? (Now that’s a serious question).

Luckily for you, I know where you can find this intriguing person and learn more about his personality which by the way has made him a success.

The truest test of a driver is to be able to drive without waking up sleeping passengers – no horns, no sudden braking, no road rage, no thumping into potholes.

Meet Gbolahan Fagbure, Author of WORKING ON A DREAM (Lessons in life and business)/ Vartis strategic partners/ 2017| 205 pages

working on a dream

The book is written in short chapters that address how the author was able to navigate the waters of being an entrepreneur in Nigeria and be successful at it. Each chapter starts with either an interesting quote, story, anecdote or advice and ends with mostly music lyrics or poems that relate to the topic being discussed. G. Fagbure shared his thoughts on different areas that he felt would be important to the aspiring entrepreneurs, existing ones or just ambitious people with big dreams and doubts.

The entrepreneur’s dilemma:

A. Maintain friendships. B. Building a great company. C. Spending time with family. D. Staying fit. E. Getting sleep.  

Pick 3.

Tweet by Randi Zuckerberg

Some of the topics that stood out were;

  • Knowing who you are: Really spending time to know your make up is very important to your success in life and business; and the earlier you find out the things that make you exceptional and accept them, the quicker you move on in your journey as your own individual not one molded by societal pressures.

Cultivate a habit of impatience about the things you want to do. Don’t wait before climbing that mountain or writing that book or visiting your mother. You don’t need to be constantly reminding yourself why you shouldn’t wait. Just don’t wait.

  • Exposure: ignorance is not an excuse. In this internet / social media age, being exposed is not as expensive and does not need physical presence. You don’t have to travel to experience new cultures; just pay a little extra attention when reading books or watching TV. Also switch up your vacation & entertainment options!


  • Being switched on: this focuses more being present and wholly committed to achieving your goals even to the minutest details. From observing more, to doing more.


  • Action: G.Fagbure dwelt a lot on this chapter which I appreciate especially since a lot of us suffer from analysis paralysis or just plain old procrastination. He even noted that a few days to the launch of the popular ecommerce site Jumia (then known as Kasuwa), the name had still not been chosen! Conditions for action will not always be perfect, so just DO it.



  • And of course Driving: You can find out a lot about a person by the way they drive; From their patience level, attention to details, planning and even decision making skills. Enough said.


Tosan’s take: When Rose (my Fitness coach friend) first told me about the book, I was indifferent, I had seen it in some eateries and had taken a mental note of it but I wasn’t excited about reading it. She was sooo sure I would love it. She was right. For the push I needed, For the motivation I needed, for the validation of going it alone, for the general gist written with Nigerian terms and references. For the anecdotes, music and poems that start and end each chapter, Rose you were right. I loved every bit of it. I had to go buy mine right after reading hers so I could highlight as much as I wanted and trust me, there was a lot to highlight. I also went to google a lot for names and new words I came across, I guess my mind is already receiving some fresh air!

My most haunting quote: Cultivate a habit of impatience about the things you want to do.If you want to move forward with your dreams, you need to have the urgency to pursue  them.

I am sure you will enjoy the book and get whatever you need to either start or succeed.










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