Dream chaser!

We all have dreams big and small even intermediate which we hope will all turn out to be the next big thing or bring us 30 billion in the account. So how do we know we are on track? Everyone has said we should dream big, others have said íf we can think it, we can do it (I can still hear it in Mo Abudu’s voice) so how are we sure we can truly do it or are ready to bring our dreams to life.

My first attempt at reading this book was over two (2) years ago. I was still in the intro section when I dropped the book sad & very discouraged. Some questions were asked to get the reader’s understanding about where they were in readiness to achieve their dreams (called the Dream Test) and as I scrolled down I could already tell that my dreams were nowhere near being achieved. I was sad and discouraged (I repeat) or let’s just say I was downcast.

Last month, I felt more confident about checking out my dream with Dr Maxwell through his many critical questions; it was only then that I realized that I had misread the instructions on how the questions were to be answered. I realized that I probably had no confidence in my dreams back then that it literally obscured my vision. Trust me the book is NOT the problem, it is indeed the SOLUTION, It only requires that you have some confidence in yourself and your dreams.


Just as you test the waters when making big investments or trying out new things, you should test your dreams so you are well equipped for the journey ahead. This book by John Maxwell will help you check your readiness to follow your dreams, the chances of it being a success and what you need to do to stimulate it.


A dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions, empowering you to do everything you can to achieve it.

Like I said earlier, it starts out with a set of questions – the Dream Test which consists of 30 questions under ten headings introducing the ten questions that help you see & seize your dreams. The book has 10 fairly long chapters addressing each test your dream must go through to determine its likelihood of success and a concluding chapter.


Most times we shield our dreams, sometimes in the name of protecting our ideas from being stolen, others in the name of not being ready to present it to the world or protecting it from negative criticisms that could kill it before it even gets a chance to succeed. Great reasons I must say, I mean I do that sometimes, but from my earlier story, I also shielded my dream from reality. I shielded it from breathing, becoming alive. It’s somehow like love, true love comes with a lot of vulnerability which if could be manipulated shared with the wrong person, but it also not truly expressive even with the right person if you don’t get to the vulnerable part.



The Author explains that dreams take a while to materialize, so you want to be sure it’s your dream and not just your competence or others opinions of what you should be dreaming about. You want to be clear about your dream, YES, it will expand but the fundamentals are usually the same and they keep you focused. You want to know that though your dreams seem far-fetched from the norm, they are still realistic. You want to be obsessed with your dream, you want to be ready to sacrifice, and you want to have some form of strategy in place (plans can change but dreams don’t have to). You want to know the people you will need to help you achieve your dream. You want to be sure you will be fulfilled chasing your dream and you want to know that it is not only significant to you but to others as well.

If you don’t put your dream to some scrutiny, you will also prevent it from being expressive. Getting the courage to put your dream to the test really does help a lot.

dream chaser 2

Tosan’s take: We’ve heard a lot of positive things about dreaming in general – If you can dream it, you can do it. Dream big etc., but no one ever really explained the gap between dreaming and achieving those dreams. Reading about the level of sacrifice and perseverance that your dream needs to survive hit me real hard. All the great stuff about dreaming do not mention all the hard work, perseverance and sacrifices that one needs to actualize one’s dream. My no. 1 takeaway – Passion alone doesn’t make your dreams come true.

I will be writing on my thoughts on some of the dream tests in subsequent posts. Subscribe to the blog by email to stay informed and participate by sharing your thoughts as well.



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